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Boost sound quality

FxSound software corrects the limitations of your audio devices for studio-quality sound without high-end equipment.

Cut costs and save time

High-quality headphones or speakers are expensive to buy and time-consuming to set up. With FxSound, you’re just a download away from hi-fi audio.

Boost volume and bass by 2x

Our software allows you to double the volume and bass of quiet speakers or headphones without causing distortion or compressing your dynamic range.

Customize your sound

FxSound’s equalizer, effects sliders and presets give you the tools to customize audio to your taste.

Hi-fi audio for TV, movies and more

We add depth and body to the audio of your favorite TV shows, movies, podcasts and video games.

Transcribe with more accuracy and speed

FxSound provides clarity to audio recordings for precise transcribing without having to constantly rewind.